EcoAfrica Environmental Consultants

EcoAfrica Environmental Consultants is an interdisciplinary team of professionals. Organised in independently registered companies in Southern and East Africa, our focus is on environmental and social issues and processes, including heritage, tourism, and policy development. We strive to assist people and organisations in Africa and beyond, who are in pursuit of sustainable and equitable outcomes. Our ethos is to act local and think global. Our team works hand in hand with governments, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), the private sector and communities to achieve sustainable natural and cultural resource management by sharing knowledge and facilitating equitable development.

EcoAfrica strives to be an internationally recognised leader in integrated planning, natural and cultural resource management, sustainable development, information sharing, heritage and tourism. We aim to support people, organisations, systems and processes across the globe towards environmental, social and economic best practice. Integral to this approach is the need to inform people about the impact of their actions, and those of others, on their environment.

EcoAfrica recognises that, in a fast changing world, there are a number of issues and processes that need to be addressed urgently in an Integrated Conservation and Development approach. However, when it comes to resources and the environment conflict arises easily between various stakeholders such as government, industry, NGO's, and local communities. We pride ourselves on facilitating cooperation between these stakeholders for lasting, sustainable and equitable outcomes. Through our Areas of Expertise we provide coherent social, technical and scientific advice that is necessary to address the different environmental concerns conclusively.