Areas of Expertise

While constant development is a feature of any society, development cannot proceed without respecting the physical limits of our Planet and those aspects of quality of life that can be negatively affected by poor planning. Therefore an integrated approach to sustainable development is necessary, where social, environmental, cultural and economic dimensions are carefully balanced. There are various tools, processes and activities that can help us along the road to sustainable development and a better life for all, many of them are covered by our areas of expertise.

Our areas of expertise enable us to provide high quality service to our clients that may include all tiers of government, NGOs, the private sector or local communities. Our in-house expertise is occasionally expanded by including EcoAfrica Associates who are tried and trusted service providers, experts within their fields and professionals we can vouch for. A dedicated Task Manager from our core team provides secure client liaison and ensures that high quality work is delivered within time and budget and at a price that is fair.

Our wide range of expertise makes EcoAfrica a unique service provider for integrated conservation and development projects. Only in the largest and most complicated assignments may we enter into consortiums with like-minded companies that share our Vision and work ethics.