Built Environment

There is frequent interaction between EcoAfrica's built environment and heritage areas of expertise.
Workers putting finishes on the historical Diggers Camp in Alexander Bay.

Humans have modified their environment since time immemorial. Good planning is required to get the best value out of the environment, whether through single structures or larger scale towns and urban planning. Design must be responsive to climatic conditions, buildings must be environmentally friendly, and within reason make use of locally available or produced materials so that local people can derive maximum benefit from developments. Qualified staff and dedicated associates work closely together with local communities, local and regional government and developers to pursue high quality built environments for optimal benefit that are vibrant, environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Services include:

  • Drawing up policy guidelines for physical planning frameworks
  • Designing places, shelter and spaces for diverse human activities and functions
  • Harmonising built environment with natural, social and cultural heritage assets
  • Incorporating built environment projects in development frameworks at an early stage so they can add value to social and natural environments rather than detract from them
Good built environment practices can help address the social, spatial and infrastructure needs of countries while enhancing natural and cultural heritage.
The phrase built environment refers to human-made surroundings that provide the setting for human activity, from personal shelter to neighbourhoods to large-scale civic surroundings. It describes the interdisciplinary field of study and practice which addresses the design, management and use of these human-made surroundings and their relationship to the human activities which take place within them, and draws upon the individual disciplines of economics, law, management, design and technology. In landscape architecture, the built environment is identified as human-made landscapes as opposed to the natural environment.