Integrated Land Use Planning

Integrated Land Use Planning
Integrated Land Use Planning

Land use planning lies at the centre of successful spatial development activities. Land is the base on which all terrestrial species depend and where ecological processes and functions occur. Without careful planning land can easily be degraded or misused. The result can be reduced soil quality, desertification and sub-optimal resource use through inappropriate development. Loss of useable land may result in detrimental effects on wildlife, livestock and people. EcoAfrica engages in land use planning in both urban and rural environments. We use state of the art techniques such as CAD and GIS technologies in land-use planning, with qualified experts who work hand in hand with the local communities. We often employ landscape-based approaches in land use planning knowing that the whole landscape is entwined in a series of processes and events that can easily be disturbed if not properly incorporated in development initiatives.

Our work includes:

  • Planning and management plans for World Heritage Sites
  • Demarcation, planning and management plans for Protected Areas
  • Planning for development initiatives such as tourism master plans
  • Land use planning within and around conservation areas
  • Facilitation of land ownership issues and claims
Land use planning is the basis of our civilisation and ensures that we use the available land in the best possible way.
Land use planning has been subject through the ages to varying objectives and different political agendas. Some approaches have been unsuccessful while others have resulted in land degradation due to short-sighted objectives or simply because of the lack of proper participation in the planning process where many stakeholders should have been involved. In a participatory approach all stakeholders share information and influence the development initiatives that affect their common resource base. Today it is generally accepted that feasibility studies identifying best potential uses of particular tracts of land should be an integral part of land use planning.