EA Mozambique

EcoAfrica Mozambique was established in August 2008 to help anchor two major projects, namely the regional Agulhas and Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystems (ASCLME) project and the Development of a District Tourism Master Plans (DTMP) for Vilanculo. It has already been awarded the third project which is the elaboration of two management plans for both National Parks of Banhine and Zinave in Mozambique. By working at the level of regional as well as local government as well as the community, it is an ideal partner to all levels of Government as well as donors in harmonising the needs on the ground with proper implementation of policies, capacity building and funding. EcoAfrica Mozambique strongly believes that the involvement of people at ground level is of paramount importance as it is they who reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of ‘upstream’ actions and programmes. The EcoAfrica group of companies pride themselves on the already proven ability of finding innovative mechanisms to bridge the crucial gaps between two spheres of the world such as world wide organizations and remote communities. EcoAfrica has a strong ethic, both within the company itself and with its clients, of mutual capacity building and harnessing collective effort to improve the world around us.

EcoAfrica Mozambique will at all times maintain a strong focus on building capacity in Mozambique by striving to work closely together with small and large non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community organisations and structures in ways that will build local implementing capacity. EcoAfrica Mozambique also plans to take full advantage of its innovative strategies to bring together different areas of expertise such as environment, engineering, architecture and tourism and create as well as successfully implement pioneering projects and by doing so breaking down perceived contradictions such as of development and sustainability. The company places a strong premium on information sharing, training and capacity building at all levels and by working within the policy frameworks of the Government of the Republic of Mozambique, EcoAfrica aims to bring its part in forging equitable and sustainable development in the country and the region.