EA Namibia

EcoAfrica Namibia works with all stakeholders, including local communities, the private sector and government institutions – at national, regional and local levels – to positively contribute to the sustainable use of Namibia’s rich natural and human resources. EcoAfrica Namibia relies on in-house expertise as well as that of a wide range of partners with whom it has enjoyed good track records, and regularly shares ‘lessons learned’ with other practitioners in the field. The company specialises in community-based natural resources management (CBNRM), sustainable livelihoods, sustainable tourism, biodiversity management, environmental education, local economic development and information sharing in Southern Africa by adding its own capacity to those of a range of local partners in the pursuit of these objectives. In order to enhance its own capacity it works closely with other members of the EcoAfrica family of organizations on projects outside the borders of Namibia.

EcoAfrica Namibia was registered in 2000 to help address the issues accompanying the decentralisation of natural resource management. By working at the level of regional as well as local government and community, it is an ideal partner to all levels of Government as well as donors in harmonising the needs on the ground with policy processes, capacity-building and targeted funding. The involvement of people at ground level is considered to be of paramount importance as it is they who reap the benefits or suffer the consequences of ‘upstream’ actions and programmes. EcoAfrica Namibia has already proven itself in finding mechanisms that can bridge those gaps that inevitably arise when power and responsibility is decentralised from the centre to ground levels in a transforming society. EcoAfrica Namibia aims to improve access to natural resources that were previously denied to the majority of Namibians and in doing so play a role in overcoming the inequalities of the past and the reckless abuse of Nature. EcoAfrica has a strong ethic, both within the company itself and with its clients, of mutual capacity building and harnessing collective effort to improve the world around us.

EcoAfrica Namibia can rely on the full set of expertise of the larger EcoAfrica family of companies, its partners and associates, many of whom are resident in Namibia or have been involved in processes affecting natural resource management, policy and governance issues in this country. The company will at all times maintain a strong focus on quality of delivery and capacity building while assisting and working closely together with government institutions, small non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community organisations and structures in ways that will promote the transfer of knowledge and know-how and their reliance on outside parties will be decreased. Therefore the company places a strong premium on mutual learning, information sharing, training and capacity building at all levels. By working within the policy frameworks of the Government of the Republic of Namibia, EcoAfrica aims to bring its part in forging equitable and sustainable development in the country.