Management & Planning

Rapid expansion of the human population and its associated effects have led to an urgent need to protect some of the world’s most extraordinary places in order to safeguard essential ecological infrastructure, biological diversity and irreplaceable cultural assets. EcoAfrica provides high quality technical services and uses a ‘bottom up, top down’ approach that ensures everyone’s concerns are taken into account when protected areas are planned and established. We work on the premise that the conservation of biodiversity, cultural assets and ecosystems ultimately benefit everyone. Scientific methodology is combined with indigenous knowledge to develop site specific frameworks that can be replicated elsewhere in any given Protected Area Network. Plans are easier to implement when they are developed with and understood by all stakeholders.

Our expertise includes:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Protected area demarcation
  • User-friendly management plans
  • Training in all areas of conservation 
  • Protected area management, including heritage sites and marine conservation areas
  • Working with communities in transitional and buffer zones to cultivate sustainable resource use
  • Development of alternative livelihood options

All stakeholders including government, the private sector and local communities have to embrace their respective roles and accept responsibility for making protected areas work.

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