Operations Officer and Office Manager

Ms Wendy Lissom-Bayemi

Ms Wendy Lissom-Bayemi obtained a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Finance Management from University of the North in 1996. She also has a Certificate in Management Practice obtained from Rhodes University in 2003, which includes Organizational Behavior, Human Resources, Bookkeeping, Financial Management and Administration. Among other Inservice Training certifications she is an ordained Pastor with Theology Diploma at Rhema College although she is not a member of any church.

She has worked as a Finance and Operations Officer for 5 years for Global Interfaith Network, an LGBTI organisation for Human Rights of people of all sexual orientation, all faith, her responsibility was to manage all financial transactions, Payments and Incomings funds, Financial Reporting to Donors and Management. She has travelled around the world assisting the Programme Managers and Board members on logistics and administration.

In previous years, she has worked for Council on Higher Education as a Finance and Payroll Officer ensuring accuracy of Payroll, Reconciliations, working with the CFO on accredited educational Institutions around South Africa.

Wendy is currently in-charge of operations and office management at EcoAfrica. She provides overall support to the EcoAfrica Group of Small Companies.