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We guide people, organisations, systems and processes toward environmental, social and economic best practice.

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We strive to make our home planet a more secure place by promoting sustainable livelihoods while protecting our environment and natural and cultural heritage.

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Mission Statement

Our companies provide high quality technical applications, services and advice. We practise sound financial and project management that produces optimal results. We engage knowledge management techniques that promote information sharing. We mentor, support and ensure capacity building of our own staff, associates and clients. Building strong and lasting relationships with clients and local counterparts, governments, NGOs, the private sector and communities contribute to fostering more resilient societies. Being innovative we constantly develop new skills and mechanisms and adapt them to different environments. We aim to guide people, organisations, systems and processes across the globe towards environmental, social and economic best practice. In this pursuit, we work together with governments, NGOs and different stakeholders, correcting the wrongs of the past while instilling healthy and enduring values for the future.

Working principles

Our companies maintain a highly effective integrated team of core experts, associates and people in the field with a reputation for excellence. Sustainability and equitable development are at the heart of everything we do. We recruit and cultivate key integrated conservation and development skills. Our teams are knowledgeable on new developments, techniques and approaches within their fields and on emerging development processes and how to successfully implement them. A ‘hand in hand' not ‘us and them' approach in working with our clients and local counterparts achieve better results. We believe that working closely with governments, NGOs, the private sector and communities achieve sustainable solutions. We encourage information sharing through all media, networks and structures. Working in a collaborative manner devolves capacity and promotes the mutual sharing of perspectives and insights.

Common core values

Our team members have a deep understanding of how people and the environment interact. Genuinely motivated by the vision of the company, they have made a career commitment to the company and are committed to serving our clients with loyalty and confidentiality. We have a collaborative and involving working style. Holding a holistic view of global and local issues is important. High levels of honesty and personal integrity is part of who we are. We truly respect and enjoy working in an environment reflecting diversity. We are highly professional and delivery focused.

An Expanding Footprint

EcoAfrica’s large network extends way beyond its own in-house staff and associates. The company has a strong ethic of mutual capacity building, both within the company itself and with its clients. We believe in devolving responsibility and sharing perspectives and opportunities with other groups, organisations, and individuals from the highest echelons of government down to local communities. In this manner, larger networks are established at all levels of society.

As an example, EcoAfrica has trained numerous tour guides in several countries, more than fifty trainers in various fields and more than twenty development facilitators from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Over a thousand people have been directly employed on projects managed by EcoAfrica, and many of them have started their own organisations, businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and other development entities. This policy of fostering collective action has allowed the small, close-knit EcoAfrica team to substantially enlarge its footprint in the developing world.

EcoAfrica is intensely aware of the power of public opinion and collective thinking. Awareness raising at all levels is considered pivotal to providing a sound basis for policy processes, natural resource management and equipping teams to deal effectively with a range of environmental issues. Therefore, every opportunity is taken to share information and improve access to appropriate training that include hands-on training, short tailor-made courses and innovative information sharing platforms and other Information and Communications Technology (ICT) applications. EcoAfrica is closely aligned with its sister company Francois Odendaal Productions (FOP) and the NGO International Knowledge Management (IKM) to further sustainable outcomes.

Our Partner Companies

EcoAfrica with its partner companies International Knowledge Management and FOP Films is a set of three organisations in a one-stop shop that can service a wide range of needs from the highest to grassroots level. Stop with us and look no further. 

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