Built Environment

Humans have modified their environment since time immemorial. Good planning gets the best value out of the environment, whether for single structures or larger developments. Designs must be responsive to climatic conditions, buildings must be environmentally friendly, and within reason make use of locally available or produced materials. Qualified staff and dedicated associates work closely together with local communities, stakeholders, developers and local and regional government to pursue high quality built environments that are vibrant, environmentally sound and aesthetically pleasing.

Services include:

  • Drawing up policy guidelines for physical planning frameworks
  • Designing places, spaces and shelter for diverse human activities and functions
  • Harmonising built environment with natural, social and cultural heritage assets
  • Built environment projects that can add value to social and natural environments rather than detract from them
  • Adaptive re-use of built environments with significant heritage
  • Restoration planning of built environments with significant heritage

Good built environment practices can help address social, spatial and infrastructure needs of communities while enhancing natural and cultural heritage.

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