Environmental Management

Environmental management is about managing human impacts rather than managing nature. The impacts of humans on terrestrial and aquatic environments requires timely intervention and monitoring. EcoAfrica has trained government officials and NGOs in over eighteen countries in environmental assessments and stakeholder participation. We inform stakeholders of the premises on which good Environmental Assessment (EA) is founded, and how such processes can be used to achieve optimal results. We have empowered local communities across southern and eastern Africa by ensuring that their voices are heard and capacitating them to use EA processes to accept or reject proposed development initiatives. 

Our work includes;

  • Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  • Conducting Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEAs)
  • Offering hand-on training courses in Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Managing stakeholder participation processes in EIAs and SEAs

The purpose of good EIAs and SEAs are not to put obstacles in the way of development but rather to point to alternatives and find ways to mitigate damage to the environment before it is too late.

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