Land Use Planning

Sound land use planning is at the heart of successful development initiatives. The physical environmental is the composite resource base on which all living things depend. Without careful planning land and aquatic bodies such as wetlands, rivers, lakes, estuaries and lagoons fringed by coral reefs, can easily be degraded and misused. Reduced soil and water quality, desertification and disturbed ecological functioning will result in a damaged natural resource base. Loss of productive land will have detrimental effects on wildlife, livestock and people. EcoAfrica use state of the art techniques such as CAD and GIS technologies in land- and seascape planning with qualified experts who work hand in hand with the local communities. We like to employ landscape-based approaches, including cultural landscape mapping, considering that the earth is made up of intertwined ecosystems and processes can easily be disturbed if not accommodated early on.

Our work includes:

  • Planning and management plans for World Heritage Sites
  • Demarcation and planning of individual Protected Areas and networks
  • Integrated Management Plans
  • Planning development initiatives, including tourism master plans
  • Land use planning within and around conservation areas
  • Facilitation of land ownership issues and claims
  • Community Development and Land Acquisition Plans

Land use planning guides the footprint of our civilisation on the Planet and ensures that we use available land and seascapes in the best ways possible.

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