Policy Development

Policy frameworks guide the actions by government, civil society and other stakeholders to advance common goals of society. Without policies it is very difficult to manage the activities of people with conflicting interests that are deleterious to the environment we depend on. In days gone by policies were decreed by government but nowadays policy development is increasingly driven both by the community and government in a ‘top down, bottom up’ approach. EcoAfrica has assisted various governments in developing policies that balance the interests of people and the health of the ecosystems. Good policy development requires protracted and well-informed dialogue between government and civil society; in many instances can policy be described as the ‘needs and aspirations of the people endorsed by government’.

Our work includes:

  • Designing public awareness campaigns to support policy development processes
  • Conducting specialists studies to inform policy processes
  • Researching legal and institutional mandates 
  • Developing policy discussion documents 
  • Producing action plans for the implementation of policies
  • Managing policy processes from beginning to the final product

Policies that have the buy-in of all stakeholders are much easier to implement.

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