Tourism has increased exponentially over the past decades. The industry provides diverse direct and indirect employment opportunities. While tourism brings benefits it can also have negative environmental and social impacts that are usually felt first and hardest by local communities. Economic damage to small countries with economies based on tourism can be severe when tourism slows down or stops for whatever reason. Fortunately, tourists as well as operators, investors and destinations are increasingly pursuing the responsible tourism practices aimed at maximising economic, social and environmental benefits while minimising negative impacts. EcoAfrica has vast experience in responsible tourism development at local community, country and regional levels.

Our expertise includes:

  • Tourism feasibility studies
  • Tourism strategies and development plans
  • Planning and development of tourism routes
  • Development of tourism products and services
  • Marketing of products, services and routes
  • Environmental management plans 
  • Planning of tourism destinations
  • Development of cultural and natural heritage tourism 

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